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Kelsey Sinclair

Executive Chef

Born in Austin, Kelsey is the third of five children. At the age of five, her family moved to “the country” outside of Austin where she enjoyed raising livestock & growing food in their garden. Kelsey loved learning to cook with all the vegetables and proteins she raised & grew. In her 4-H club, Kelsey won many awards for her skills in the kitchen. While Kelsey loved to cook she also loved to eat and always looked forward to “going to town” (aka Austin) to explore new restaurants and try new foods.

After a semester of college, Kelsey decided to investigate other career paths. While working as a restaurant hostess, she discovered her true passion. It just clicked when she was watching the chefs in the open kitchen cooking, creating, and making people happy.

Kelsey headed straight home to research culinary training. Upon telling her parents, her mom just smiled… which kind of freaked her out. Her mom shared with Kelsey that she planned to open a full-service wedding and special events facility, Villa St. Clair. Kelsey was thrilled! She immediately enrolled in the Texas Culinary Academy, and learned the fine art of world cuisines.

After several years as a Sous Chef, Kelsey took over the position of Executive Chef at Villa St. Clair. During her time as the Executive Chef, Kelsey has cherished creating special menus for each couple to enjoy at their wedding celebrations.

Fun Fact: Kelsey missed her graduation ceremony from Le Cordon Bleu Academy to work her first wedding at Villa St. Clair.