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Micro Weddings at Villa St Clair

July 27, 2020

What is a “micro wedding”, and why should you have one? A micro wedding is an intimate approach to the traditional, large wedding ceremony. In lieu of having the traditional 100+ wedding guests, micro weddings typically cap at about 50 people. Not to be confused with elopements, micro weddings include a full wedding but with a limited number of guests. If you are looking for a memorable wedding experience but with a smaller guest list, then a micro wedding might be for you.

Bride and Groom Walking Down Aisle at one of our Micro weddings in Austin Texas

From our experience, the thing that makes micro weddings stand out is how intimate and personal they are! A wedding should be about celebrating the love between you and your spouse as you commit to forever with each other, and that means you don’t have to go the traditional route. With only your closest family and friends present, you can spend less time mingling, more time with your new spouse and those that matter most. That’s why we wanted to include a Micro Weddings Package here at Villa St. Clair, so that if you choose to have a small guest list you can still have an absolutely stunning, personalized wedding day. Our package includes a ceremony with an officiant, a day of coordinator, a very delicious wedding cake, and more.

Closeup of florals at one of our Austin Texas weddings

While micro weddings are much smaller in scale, they can be just as romantic, (if not more!) than a traditional wedding ceremony. That being said, what if you do want a big wedding ceremony with a larger guest list in the future? Some people opt for a “Sequel Wedding” in addition to their micro wedding. This enables you to have the best of both worlds; an intimate, romantic celebration and that big wedding with the full guest list. The micro wedding would be the official date when your marriage begins, while the sequel wedding serves as a huge party to celebrate. 

Colorful wedding ceremony at one of ourMicro Wedding in Austin Texas

Micro weddings at Villa St Clair in Austin Texas can have anywhere from 1 to 20 of your closest friends and family and start at $2000. Villa St. Clair has 5 customizable, micro wedding sites at our Austin, Texas wedding venue

Bride and groom under a floral archway at a our wedding venue in Austin Texas.

We are dedicated to creating luxurious experiences for all couples. We offer both micro weddings and regular wedding packages so you can choose a custom wedding experience that fits your needs. Book a tour today to see our beautiful wedding venue in person!